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Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit
Back Beach Road 00000 Phillipp Island
Qatar Airways Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix
Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit 18 - 20 OCT




Welcome to one of the most iconic venues in the motorsport world - the Phillip Island Circuit housed in the beautiful country of Australia. Calling Melbourne home, it wasn´t until after the race was held in several other circuits that it finally settled on this circuit as a permanent host. The Australian Grand Prix made its mark in the motorsport world in 1989, the debut of the event, but its home circuit was only established until 1997. Originally intended to be a road circuit, the Phillip Island Circuit underwent extensive modifications to keep up with top quality standards and today, it’s renowned for having a picturesque view of motorsports and world class facilities that include a luxurious 5-star hotel and a golf course. A revamp that only elevates its features, more fans are now eager to get their hands on the Australian MotoGP™ tickets.

Riders can expect an increasing level of difficulty as they make their way to the final laps due to the increased wear on their tyres as they navigate the circuit at an average speed of 174 km/hour. Spectators can look out for exceptionally challenging Corners 2 and 3, which give riders the opportunity for overtaking, and another superb corner to keep an eye out for is the last corner as it sees riders going directly into the main stretch and have one last attempt to overtake their competitors. With so many fantastic spots to catch the race from, you know you are in for a wild ride with your Australian MotoGP™ tickets. You have a wide array of options to choose from, including Hospitality Packages, which will no doubt enhance your race weekend, Grandstand tickets, all of which give you an excellent view of the track, and General Admission tickets, which are great for a fun weekend!

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