This is your stop for any queries you may have about our tickets or services. Please see below for some common questions, and if your question is not included here, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by phone or email.

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When can I see confirmed event dates?

The provisional calendar for MotoGPTM is usually released before the year of the new season begins. This calendar is a provisional one and events are not confirmed unless otherwise stated.

I need to contact a customer service agent. How can I do so?

There are various ways for you to get in touch with our customer support:
- Leave a message in our contact form
- Call us at +44 20 3885 6394
- Email us at

I am unable to log in to my account / I forgot my password. What should I do?

If there is a red frame around the login boxes, it means that you have entered incorrect login information. Please go to “Forgot Password” at the top of the page and key in your email address. You will receive an email to reset your password.

Why do I have to re-validate my email address?

Some of our emails to you are bouncing, thus not allowing you to receive all our communications. Please re-validate your email address, or update a new one if the email address that is in your profile is no longer valid.

What are the delivery options available for my tickets?

There are various options available, including:
- Shipping
- E-tickets
- On-site collection

What happens after I buy my tickets?

You will receive a confirmation email once your online purchase is completed. Please be sure to check your spam folder to ensure that you do not miss the email.

Can I choose to have e-tickets instead of regular paper tickets?

Some events offer the option of e-tickets and this option will be made available to you at the time of check-out.

Do children need special tickets to attend the event?

We've got reduced-price child tickets available for most events. Just be aware that some age restrictions might apply, therefore please double-check before you complete your booking. Moreover, depending on the product category, there might be a few other restrictions to keep in mind. Check out the event page for all the details before you get your tickets!

Can I cancel my tickets after purchase?

Unfortunately, after confirmation and payment for tickets, cancellations are not accepted.

What is an e-ticket?

An e-ticket is an electronic version of a paper ticket. When e-tickets are issued for an event, you will find yours under the Ticket section of your account. You will be advised by email when your e-ticket is ready for download, usually 5-7 days before the event.

When will I receive my e-ticket and how can I download it?

For events that use electronic tickets, you will be able to download them as e-tickets from your account about 5-7 days before the event.

When it’s time to download them, please:

1.     Log in to your Account

2.     Click on My Tickets

3.     Download your e-tickets (in PDF format)

You will receive an email when your e-tickets are ready to download. Once you’ve downloaded them, we strongly recommend to have a printed version and an electronic version of your e-tickets with you in order to avoid any issue at the access control.

There is the option of “Pick Up” in the delivery method. What does that mean?

When the option of DHL shipping is not available, you will receive your tickets by collecting them at the event itself - otherwise called “Pick Up”. Should this be the case, you will receive an e-voucher in your account with which you will download and use to collect your tickets. This voucher contains necessary information as to how, where and when to collect your tickets, and it is made available in your account about 1 week prior to the event. You will be advised by email when your e-voucher is ready for download. Do take note that you need to produce this e-voucher (printed or electronic) and a valid photo ID for collection.

If I’m not present to collect the tickets, what should I do?

If you are unable to collect the tickets yourself, please contact our customer service team in advance and notify us of the person who will be collecting the tickets on your behalf. Tickets that are not collected will not be refunded.

What is the process of my ticket delivery?

Once the tickets have been received from the event organisers or the hospitality suppliers, they will be delivered to you via DHL. Each event has a different shipping timeline and you can check your invoice for the estimated delivery date.

Do take note that tickets are usually delivered about 2-4 weeks prior to the event date, though there are certain races/ticket types that will deliver the tickets up to one week prior to the event. Should your race/ticket fall under this category, we will contact you to make arrangements for alternative options so as not to interfere with your travel plans. However, if you plan to depart earlier than 2 weeks before the event date, it is advisable that you contact our customer service team. This is to ensure that the arrangements to ship your tickets are handled correctly and efficiently.

Once the tickets have been shipped, an email notification will be sent to you. This email includes a DHL tracking number and you can track the delivery of your parcel through this link. You will see the collection signature and name on the DHL website when your tickets arrive.

Is it necessary for me to accept the DHL delivery in person?

Yes, you need to be present to accept the delivery. Please be sure to provide a delivery address where you will be present during the day, as DHL only delivers during daytime. It is essential that you are available to sign for the tickets, and it is highly recommended that you use your office address instead of your home address.

If I’m not present to receive the tickets, what should I do?

DHL’s policy is to deliver your order to the given address three times and should all three attempts fail, they will send the tickets back to us. We will send the tickets to you again when requested, but do take note that the additional shipping cost will be paid by you.

Is it possible for me to follow the delivery process of my ticket?

You will receive an email when your tickets have been shipped. This email contains a tracking code which you can use to follow the status of your package online.

Is it possible for me to change the delivery address after I have made my booking?

If your tickets have yet to be sent out, you may change the delivery address. Please make your request for the change via email, but do take note that the change will not be official until you receive a written confirmation from us.

Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, once your order has been confirmed and you have paid for the tickets, cancellations are not accepted.

Can I modify my order?

In general, it is not posible to change your order. However, if you have a request, please contact our customer service by email or telephone.

Is the parking included?

The ratio is 1:4 parking pass per order.

Which activities are included?

Please refer to the product description of each event to discover what is included. Activities may vary from one event to another. Once your order has been confirmed, prior to the race you purchased tickets for, you will receive the official program with all the relevant details about activities and the timetable.

Can I request special care?

Should you need special care (disabled access, allergies, dietary requirements), please contact our customer service for more information.

What is an account credit?

An account credit is a form of compensation offered to ticket holders when the promoter offers a refund for an event that is cancelled, postponed or behind closed doors. If you choose this option, you will receive a refund as an account credit to your account for the value of your tickets booked on You can then use your credit to purchase tickets to events in the same currency as the one you originally purchased. Your account credit will be valid for 12 months from the issue date.

How can I use my account credit?

You will receive an email notification when your account credit is available in your account. To view your credit, simply log into your account by clicking on My Account, and then click on “My Account Balance”. If you want to use your credit, just visit the event of your choice in the same currency* and select the product you wish to purchase, then select account balance as payment method.

*You may only use your account credit with events that are in the same currency as the one you originally purchased.

Does my account credit expire?

Yes. Your account credit will be valid for 12 months from the issue date.

Can I use my account credit for several events?

Yes. you can use your account credit for as many events as you wish until it runs out provided that they are in the same currency as the event for which you originally purchased tickets.

How should I pay for my tickets?

There are two ways to make your payment - credit card or bank transfers. For bank transfers, please email us with the order request including your contact details and address for invoices. Thereafter, you will receive an invoice that will enable you to make the bank transfer. 

Additionally, there is also the option of instalment payments. This enables you to pay a fraction of the price in several separate payments.

What is an Instalment payment plan?

This plan allows you to split your payments up to several months, giving you more flexibility as it means there is no need to pay the full costs of your tickets in one go. This is a convenient option that allows you the comfort of knowing that you can attend the race of your choice with the best seats.

How does the Instalment Plan work?

The process of this plan is as follows:

1. Place an order above €200

2. Choose a payment option (i.e. the number of instalments)

*Please note that a small percentage fee is applied depending on the number of instalments. The Instalment method is only available up to 91 days prior to the event.

Click here to read our Terms & Conditions regarding the Instalment Plan.