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MotorLand Aragón
MOTORLAND ARAGÓN Ctra TE-V 7033, km 12 44600 Alcañiz
Gran Premio de Aragón
MotorLand Aragón 16 - 18 SEP

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A vibrant race that met its host circuit for the first time in 2010, the Aragon Grand Prix is held at the MotorLand Aragon. This is a circuit that still maintains the rich history of racing in the circuit and is housed in a facility with 3 main zones - a technology park, a sports area (where the circuit is located) and a leisure and culture area, and was designed by Hermann Tilke, Formula 1 driver Pedro de la Rosa, and a British architectural firm. The facility includes commercial businesses such as a hotel and shopping spots, which mean that your experience goes beyond the circuit. Having the Aragon MotoGP™ tickets gives you the opportunity to witness a unique circuit compared to others because it can split into 2 independent circuits. This gives the added advantage of having different configurations depending on the circuit type that the event uses.

Spectators of this thrilling race can expect an adrenaline-filled race at the Motorland Aragon, with its height difference of 50m from the highest to the lowest point. This dramatic difference gives spectators a fabulous view of the race, thus allowing for an exhilarating experience. One specific spot to pay attention to is Turn 15, a 90-degree curve that tests the riders´ skills as it goes straight into the circuit´s longest straight. This is where most overtaking occurs and is definitely a hot spot for both riders and fans. Great weather, electrifying racing, and passionate fans - all the elements are locked in for THE experience of a lifetime. Choose your preferred spot to catch the race from and score your Aragon MotoGP™ tickets now! You have a wide selection of Grandstand tickets, with a different view of the circuit from each one, and also General Admission tickets, which allow you the freedom of searching for the ideal location.

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